Roger Daltrey celebrated his 76th birthday this past weekend by taking a birthday cake and planting it right into the face of Sebastian Bach.

The smashing took place aboard the Rock Legends Cruise VIII, where the former Skid Row singer presented Daltrey with a cake, to which Daltrey responded, "Cakes and the Who are very dangerous." Bach started to lead the crowd in a round of "Happy Birthday," but midway through the second line Daltrey pushed it into Bach's face to the delight of everyone. The song continued, and then the two men spoke.

"I'm so glad I took a shower," Bach said. "If you weren't Roger Daltrey, this would be a different situation. Do we love this man or what? Let's wish him a happy birthday." Staring at the mess on the floor, Bach added, "Oh, my god, what a disaster. I didn't do it. It wasn't me!"

"I did try and warn him," Daltrey protested. "Yes, the Who and cakes, or anything to do with the Who and cakes, do not mix. It's a good job Keith [Moon] isn't here as well, because we'd all be covered in cake."

He then thanked Bach for the gesture and for being such a good sport. Dalrey then continued with his set, as Bach left the stage to clean himself up.

The video cuts off just as the song begins, but it sounds like Daltrey was about to perform "Going Mobile," which Setlist reports being played next. Daltrey's set consisted of 15 Who songs, including the new "Ball and Chain," his own "Days of Light" and "Without Your Love," plus a medley of Johnny Cash classics.

You can watch the video below.


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