Toya Wimberly and Ashley Thomas have been thick as thieves since the sixth grade, a friendship that's grown and built up for 17 years.

Toya recently got engaged, and had posted pictures of her engagement party on Facebook, and naturally Ashley was there.

Toya's dad, Ken, used to joke that Ashley was his other daughter, because of how much time she spent at their house, but it turns out there was more truth to that than either of them thought.

Ashley's aunt recognized Toya's dad from many years ago. Ashley had found out at a young age that her dad was not her biological father, and her mom passed away before she could tell Ashley who her real father was. Ashley's aunt realized that she recognized Ken because he used to date her sister (Ashley's mom).

Ken said he never knew that Ashley's mom had gotten pregnant, but said they had dated shortly before Ashley was born. They took DNA tests just for fun, thinking nothing would come of it, but they did find out that Ken is Ashley's dad.

Ken is excited about the news because he's always considered Ashley as one of his girls anyway, and nothing changed between Toya and Ashley, because they may as well have known all along.

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