Bella Tadlock was born with no fingers on her right hand, and a left arm shorter than the right.

After several surgeries, Bella now has three fingers and a thumb on her right hand, but she was looking for a non-surgical solution for her left arm.

A huge Star Wars fan, Bella saw a promo video from Open Bionics alongside their new line of Star Wars Bionic Arms, a prosthetic that has moving fingers. It featured Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) with a message for kids with limb differences, saying that Luke lost his arm, but still defeated the Empire.

Bella was inspired, and with the help of her family, started a fundraiser to buy one of the arms.

Open Bionics caught wind of the fundraiser, and said they just needed her measurements. Mark Hamill retweeted her fundraiser.

Bella's hero is Luke Skywalker, because he lost a hand, and was adopted just like her.

After she received her bionic arm, Bella received a special video call from Mark Hamill, who was so impressed by Bella.

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