GLENDALE, Wisc. — A potentially catastrophic situation was averted thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of Acie Holland III, an 8th-grader at Glen Hills Middle School. On Wednesday evening, as the school bus navigated through Villard, Acie noticed something awry. The bus began to veer into the oncoming lane, and upon investigation, he discovered that the driver was unresponsive.

Teen Hero Saves School Bus After Driver's Medical Emergency

"I felt the bus accelerate... I looked and I saw her head just go down," Acie recounted, detailing the alarming moment he realized the driver was incapacitated.

With nerves of steel and a heart of gold, Acie sprang into action. He moved swiftly to take control of the bus, ensuring the safety of his fellow passengers. "I was scared but at the same time, I wanted to just make sure everyone was okay," he explained.

Acie The Kid Hero - WISN 12 News
Acie The Kid Hero - WISN 12 News

Acie's decisive actions didn't stop there. He maneuvered the bus to a secure stop, contacted emergency services, and reassured the younger students, even instructing them to call their parents. His composure under pressure and his sense of responsibility in the face of adversity are nothing short of remarkable.

The driver then regained consciousness and was able to call her dispatch.

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Acie's Parents Couldn't Be Prouder

"He's an ace," proudly exclaimed Acie's father, Acie Holland II, reflecting on his son's extraordinary courage. The bond between father and son, forged through shared interests in mechanics and automotive know-how, undoubtedly contributed to Acie's ability to handle the situation with such grace and skill.

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Getty Images

But Acie's heroism doesn't end with this remarkable incident. Recently, he lent a helping hand to TMJ4, jumping a dead battery for one of the station's news cars while at school. His father expressed immense pride in seeing his son carry forth the family name with such distinction.

Acie, known for his prowess on the wrestling mat and his love for go-karting, attributes his quick thinking and confidence to the positive influence of his family and community. "That just comes from being raised around positive people and being surrounded by positive people," he remarked humbly.

The Glen Hills School Community is overflowing with pride for Acie, with students chanting "AC-Hero" as school let out on Thursday.

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