When Raman and Puja Kalra purchased the Dairy Queen franchise in Phoenix, they knew they had a unique business. With a 15-foot tall red spoon to welcome customers, the Dairy Queen instantly gained recognition throughout the city. But what they didn't anticipate was someone stealing the giant spoon late last week.

Surveillance Footage

FOX 10 Phoenix
Security Footage of Thieves Stealing Big Spoon. FOX 10 Phoenix

According to the Kalras' surveillance cameras, two people manipulated the screws to unbolt the spoon from its base and fled the scene. Now the owners are left puzzled, with a bill of over $7,000 for a replacement.

“We were kind of upset but then more puzzled,” Puja Kalra said Wednesday. “What are they going to do with a spoon?”

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Making A Report

The couple reported the theft to Phoenix police and are looking to see if anyone can provide a lead in the investigation.

“They were so precise about it like they had done it before,” Raman Kalra said. “They just wiggled their way through and made sure the spoon was not damaged.”
The thieves brought a truck and trailer. FOX 10 Phoenix
The thieves brought a truck and trailer. FOX 10 Phoenix

Despite this unforeseen obstacle, the Kalras remain committed to making their Dairy Queen in Phoenix the best it can be, just like their other 34 locations throughout the country.

With hard work, determination, and support from their local community, the Kalras remain optimistic that the Dairy Queen will once again soon boast its iconic red spoon.

With the spoon big enough to hold a small child, it was a popular photo spot.

“It looks empty and incomplete without that spoon,” Puja Kalra said. “People liked to take selfies and put it on Instagram.”

Stealing the big spoon. FOX 10 Phoenix
Stealing the big spoon. FOX 10 Phoenix

"Where's My Spoon?"

A slogan was crafted that reads “Where’s my spoon?” and is now printed on t-shirts with a red spoon and DQ logo that staff are wearing.

Posters with the same slogan have been spread throughout the Phoenix metro area. Raman and his wife would be incredibly relieved if their giant red spoon was suddenly found and can only hope for some divine intervention!

“I appeal to the person. This spoon is too big to eat anything,” Raman Kalra said. “We want you to bring it back. We will not ask any questions.”
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