K.K. Downing departed his co-founder and guitarist position from Judas Priest nearly a dozen years ago, but that doesn't mean he's ever going to really retire. A new album and a new tour are bringing him to the Quad Cities.

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K.K. has had metal coursing through his veins from the beginning, starting in the Midlands region of England where Judas Priest was born. He compellingly chronicled his life odyssey in his 2018 autobiography, and his recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame further secures his legacy as a pioneering guitarist. His renewed passion for his chosen genre was well represented with his band KK’s Priest and their thunderous debut album Sermons Of The Sinner released in October 2021. The highspeed “Hellfire Thunderbolt” and rousing rockers like “Raise Your Fists” and “Wild And Free” reveled in the passion and excess that metal fans covet.

They'll be joined in East Moline by Accept, known for their hits like Frankenstein, Humanoid, and of course, Balls To The Wall. 

This night is set to be full of hits, both new and old, and it's only at the Rust Belt in East Moline on September 5th, and you can get tickets starting at noon Tuesday, May 7th with promo code "97X"!

The general on sale begins at 10am on May 9th.

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