Back before Coronavirus, the only major topic surrounding plane rides frequently came around to "is it rude to recline your seat?" We're going to revert back to that.

Pat Cassidy was on a flight fro Austin, to L.A, last week, and was using his 16-inch MacBook Pro to get some work done as they flew. The guy in front of him reclined his seat, folding the screen over "like a taco." The screen had some extensive damage.


After making a scene, the flight attendant came over to resolve the situation, taking the side of the reclining passenger, not the one with the damaged $2,500 computer.

So Pat emailed Delta, telling them what had happened, and even sent the pictures he had taken. Delta got back to him with an apology, but said "Personal property damaged in-flight as a result of a passenger action is not reimbursable."

For his trouble, the airline gave him 7,500 frequent flyer miles. 7,500 miles is =$250. He may have gotten reimbursed for that leg of the trip, but he's still out a laptop.

This isn't the only time people have had a problem with reclining seats. Back in Mid-February, a woman reclined her seat in the next to last row, causing him to get upset and start punching her seat.


Read more at New Zealand Herald

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