Most of our parents' rules for us were simple: Be home before the street lights come on, respect your parents, don't run with scissors, be nice to your siblings. Parents today have much more to worry about than our parents did, with technology being in every aspect of the lives of this generation of kids. They can be opened up to all kinds of trouble, whether it be talking to strangers online, getting viruses, or sharing embarrassing photos of us on our own Facebook pages.

A new survey asked parens what rules they are setting in place to keep their kids safe, and I don't think any of the answers would've applied to me when I was younger.

  1. Never text or send other people pictures of your body parts.
  2. Never click a link in an email if you don't know the person who sent it.
  3. Don't give out your address online.
  4. Ask for permission before you make an in-app purchase. 
  5. Never call 911 as a joke.
  6. Don't accept Xbox invites from strangers.
  7. Don't let anyone follow your social media if you don't know them.
  8. Never enter your email on a website without asking.
  9. Never type a text message you don't want your parents to read.
  10. Don't talk to or message strangers online. 

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