I'm about to tell you about distractions while you drive, so pay attention and pull over.


A new survey by BlueParrott found the most common distractions for people when they're driving. They looked at the preferences and behaviors of nearly 2,000 drivers.

The most common distractions are:

  1. Eating or drinking.
  2. Making phone calls.
  3. Adjusting the radio.
  4. Texting.

Vice President of VXi, Urban Gillis said, "Distractions remain a huge issue for all drivers, but it is particularly concerning that texting, adjusting radios and making phone calls while operating vehicles is still so prevalent in this safety-conscious industry. These insights are valuable as we continue our commitment to offer innovative headset solutions that give heavy-duty truck drivers the freedom to use the latest mobile features without interfering with their operations."

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