Speed. Muscle. Loud engines. Destruction. 'Merica. Demolition derbies are one of the most American things you could possibly attend, and you have a chance to win tickets below!


To open the demo derby season at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Viola Boyz Midwest Mayhem will bring the smashing and crunching Saturday, May 18th, and we have tickets for you below!

With six classes of vehicles - one of which is even a youth class, there are thousands of dollars on the line in prize money.

  • Light Weld Full Size - $1,500
  • Light Weld Compact - $1,000
  • Minivan / SUV / Small Truck - $1,000
  • Turn Key Compact - $1,000
  • Bonestock - $1,200
  • Youth Class - $600

Pit Passes are available as well for $30.

attachment-MIdwest Mayhem - Eric Hutchins

Midwest Mayhem begins at 4:30pm, and the destruction will be wild!

A few years ago, we sent Hairball out in an old flower delivery van for the Minivan / SUV / Small Truck class, and he lasted all of 30 seconds.

Enter for a chance to win tickets for Midwest Mayhem here:

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