If you already hate your job, this won't help. It turns out you're spending a significant amount of your paycheck just getting there every day.

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A new study by Career Builder found it costs the average person $276 a month to get to work, which is just over $3,300 a year. 84% of us drive, so gas is the biggest expense. There are a ton of other stats as well.

The survey found that 72% of us bring lunch with us. Half of the people who don't bring a lunch say it costs them more than $100 a month including 13% who said they spend at least $200 a month buying lunch.

49% said they also buy at least one cup of coffee a week. 71% of them say they spend less than $40 a month on coffee but 25% spend between $40 and $100 and 3% spend over a hundred bucks to get their caffeine fix.

Looking for a new job also costs you money. 27% of people said they had to spend over $200 the last time they looked for a job. The top three expenses are new clothes, transportation, and printing costs for resumes and cover letters.

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