There's a way you can help stop crime in Rock Island. Attend the Rock Island Police Department's Community Crime Prevention Partnership Meetings. These monthly interactive meetings aim to strengthen the partnership between police and community members.

These meetings are also a great way to get to know members of your local police department. So often our meetings with police officers happen at times when they need to be all business. We've crashed our car into someone else's car. They've stopped us for a traffic violation. Or something's happened where we need their help. These are all times where police officers are engaged in their job and have their head on a swivel.

Yet, put police officers in a slightly different environment, like these Community Crime Prevention Partnership Meetings and you'll get to see a different side of them. I suspect you'll also come away with an appreciation for the very difficult job officers do every day.

The next Community Crime Prevention Partnership Meeting is at 6:00PM CT Wednesday September 19. It will be held at the police department, 1212 5th Avenue. The Rock Island Police Department has created an event detaining the days and times for the next three meetings. You can access that here.

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