Tyler Schultz in Florida just orchestrated a grand romantic gesture that crashed and burned. Back in May, he had an idea of a creative way to propose to his girlfriend Madison.

He tweeted Insomniac Games, the company that was making a new "Spider-Man" video game. Tyler asked them if they'd slip the phrase "Madison, will you marry me?" somewhere into the game and they actually said yes.

The game came out last week, and it did have the proposal in it, Insomniac hid it on a theater marquee. There's just one problem: Madison dumped Tyler last month. She says their relationship had a lot of issues over the five years they were together, and it finally got to be too much, so she ended things.

Oh, and she wouldn't have liked the proposal anyway, "I never liked video games, but I sat through them because I loved him." Madison's already dating someone new and it's Tyler's more mature and understanding brother.

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