In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Hazmat crews in Holladay, Salt Lake County, detonated a cache of old explosives discovered in a residential property, necessitating the evacuation of numerous nearby houses.

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KSL News

Utah Police Detonate Ancient Dynamite Sticks Found In Home

The saga began when the homeowner, situated near 6200 South and 2300 East, reached out to a friend on Tuesday afternoon seeking assistance with what was described as "ancient dynamite" handed down through their family.

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According to Capt. Tony Barker of the Unified Fire Authority, the homeowner's intention was not malicious; rather, it was a plea for guidance on handling the potentially dangerous materials.
Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, the homeowner and their friend promptly alerted authorities, leading to the closure of the surrounding street. By 12:20 a.m. Wednesday, the evacuation perimeter was expanded to 1500 feet in all directions as a precautionary measure.

Shortly after 4 a.m., two controlled explosions were conducted by Hazmat crews. Capt. Barker refrained from specifying the exact quantity of dynamite discovered within the residence, noting only that there was "a lot" and describing the find as "impressive in scope." Furthermore, the age of the explosives remains uncertain, as they were reportedly passed down through generations.

Where Was The Dynamite Kept In The House?

When asked where the dynamite was found in the house, such as the basement, garage or shed, Barker said, “Yes. All of it, correct.”

The Area Is Now Safe

In light of the detonations, the affected residence is now deemed uninhabitable. However, authorities swiftly established an evacuation center at Oakwood Elementary School, ensuring the safety and well-being of displaced residents. Thankfully, by 6 a.m., evacuated individuals were permitted to return to their homes as the area was deemed secure.

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