Wouldn't it be great if you could part traffic like the Red Sea and get to work in half the time?  Well, it was happening to a woman in Utah, and she didn't know why.

Salt Lake City, Utah

As a Utah woman cruised down the road, she noticed a few other vehicles pulling over. However, little did she know that it was due to the vibrant red and blue lights illuminating from her new car's fog lights.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Did She Have Police Lights?

On Wednesday, there was a warning from the Salt Lake City police about an individual who might be posing as a law enforcement officer. Reports indicated that a black Dodge Charger driving on I-80 between the Salt Lake City International Airport and Redwood Road had red and blue flashing lights on its fog lights, causing other drivers to pull over believing it to be a police vehicle.


At present, it is unclear whether the driver intended to pull over other drivers or was merely trying to move through traffic more quickly.

A Photo Of The Car

Police released a photo of the suspected impersonator's vehicle, taken by another driver, on Wednesday afternoon.

(Salt Lake City Police)
(Salt Lake City Police)

Now, the department says the whole thing was an innocent mistake.

It Was A Mistake


The owner of the car reported her vehicle to the police in Salt Lake City upon realizing that it was the same car pictured. She claimed that she had bought the car recently and was unaware of the lights and the accompanying smartphone application that could control them. The app could alter the colors of the lights which had previously been set to red and blue.

"The driver said while going to lunch, she noticed cars pulling over for no explainable reason," police stated.


Although the authorities have no reason to believe that the woman had intended to pose as a law enforcement officer, they have accepted her account. The woman stated that she has since eliminated the lights from her car.

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