A bus driver in Saratoga Springs, Utah, has been placed on administrative leave this week for what she said to the students on the bus yelling that she made a wrong turn.

On Friday, a parent sent in a video to FOX 13 News of what her child witnessed on the bus ride home that afternoon.

News clip below:

In the recording, the driver is heard saying, "One more person says 'Where are we going,' I'm going to shoot them. OK, now listen — I missed the stop; I'm trying to turn around. Do you understand? OK. Sit down and be quiet."

I heard her say, 'Whoever says where are we going next,' she will shoot whoever said it. As soon as I got off the bus, I called my mom,” said Bentley, a student who was on the bus.


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A spokesperson for the Alpine School District said in a statement, "We are aware of a situation on a bus today. The employee is on administrative leave pending an investigation. We strongly condemn any threatening action or language directed toward others. We expect all employees to create safe and nurturing environments free of verbal or physical threats. Appropriate action will be taken to ensure this matter is addressed and not repeated."

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Shelby Rogers, a mother of a child on the bus said, “I called the school and tried to get as much information from them as I could. Come to find out I wasn’t the only parent to call and contact them regarding this... That’s why I put him on the bus, is to trust them and know my kid is safe, and now it doesn’t make me feel safe putting him on that bus anymore.”

The bus driver has been placed on administrative leave while the district investigates.

School districts across the country have been struggling to find bus drivers. Similar to "shortages" of employees in other professions, there is a shortage of bus drivers.

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