California business is facing some hardship and struggle after vandals broke into their parking lot and spent some time twerking atop their fleet of vehicles, causing thousands in damages.

The break-in at Pink Sponge Home Cleaning service in Glendora occurred in the early morning hours of April 20th.

Surveillance footage on the rooftop parking lot showed at least three teens screwing around, two twerking on the hood of one of the company's 25 bright pink fleet of Volkswagen Bugs while another fired off a fire extinguisher.


“They kicked in every headlight they could,” Jennifer Ahlgrim with Pink Sponge Cleaning told KTLA. “They pulled down the windows so hard, they broke the regulators. They carved on the hoods of cars.”

The teens also ripped open a door of one of the vehicles and threw products over the side of the building.

According to the company, eighteen of their vehicles were badly damaged.

“I couldn’t understand how someone could do something like this to a company that’s trying to do good,” Ahlgrim said. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

Police have taken one of the teens, a 15-year-old, into custody in connection with the break-in. Officials say gang symbols scratched into the hood of the vehicles led them to the teen.

“We built everything from the ground up, so to see our hard work vandalized was just completely disheartening,” Ahlgrim explained. “Our Pink Sponge team is strong, but it’s been very sad.”

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