The season is supposed to be about generosity, not greed, yet it seems that not everyone understands this.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas... Again


Security camera recordings from San Mateo, California depict the moment when an individual took a family's Christmas tree off their car's roof in full daylight.

NBC News
NBC News

In a Grinch-like incident captured by a security camera in San Mateo, California, a man stole a Christmas tree off the roof of a family's vehicle in broad daylight.

Caught On Security Footage

The thief drove past a parked vehicle carrying a tree on the roof. When he noticed the tree he reversed and parked beside it.

He got out of his Infiniti QX80 SUV, snipped the ties securing the tree to the Honda CR-V, and returned to his vehicle for a few moments before exiting again and yanking the tree off the roof of the victim's vehicle.

NBC News
NBC News

According to ABC 7 News, the crime took place on Friday evening while the victim, a man named Jesus was running an errand in a nearby business. San Mateo Police Department is yet to identify the suspect and the victim reportedly chose not to file a police report.

Watch The Video

Despite the process taking several minutes to complete, no one seemed to notice the thief at work. Police described the incident as unique.

Why Did He Steal The Tree

There is speculation as to why someone would steal something as relatively inexpensive as a Christmas tree.

Theories include a potential stunt for online views and likes, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Motor1 has reached out to the San Mateo Police Department for additional information. The victimized family has since received a replacement tree.

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