San Diego, CA – A San Diego Police Department officer has resigned following an embarrassing and compromising situation where he accidentally locked himself in the back seat of his patrol car with a female suspect. The incident, which led to an internal police investigation, has now become public, shedding light on the officer's conduct and the sequence of events that led to his resignation.

CBS 8 San Diego
CBS 8 San Diego

San Diego PD Officer Resigns After Being Found Locked in Patrol Car with Suspect

Officer Anthony Hair, who was involved in the arrest of two individuals for alleged car theft last August, became the subject of scrutiny after an incident with a female suspect. The police department recently released findings from its internal probe, revealing that Hair had activated his body camera while transporting the suspect to the local jail. The recorded footage captured a conversation where the suspect inquired about Hair's marital status and propositioned him for sex, stating bluntly, "I'm down to f*** right now."

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Hair instructed the woman to refrain from such comments, reminding her that their conversation was being recorded. Shortly after, Hair turned off his body camera. According to the vehicle's GPS tracking system, the police cruiser then slowed down and turned onto a dark road, coming to a stop.

CBS 8 San Diego
CBS 8 San Diego

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Approximately 20 minutes later, Hair radioed for assistance, requesting the master key for all patrol cars. An officer who responded to the call told Internal Affairs investigators that Hair appeared panicked and admitted to being locked in the back seat of his patrol car with the woman.

A police supervisor arrived to unlock the door, and Hair explained to Internal Affairs that he had accidentally shut the door after entering the back seat to check on the suspect. He also claimed that his body camera had been dislodged from its clip as he exited the vehicle.

What Did The Woman Have To Say About The Incident?

The female suspect maintained that no sexual activity occurred between her and Hair. However, the Internal Affairs investigation uncovered discrepancies in their accounts. Forensic tests revealed traces of semen on Hair's belt, contradicting his version of events.

After the findings, Officer Hair resigned from the San Diego Police Department. The incident has raised questions about professional conduct and protocol adherence within the department, prompting further discussion on the measures in place to prevent such occurrences.

The San Diego Police Department has not commented further on the case but has reiterated its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of conduct among its officers.

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