Authorities are investigating a shooting that happened at a park in Redlands Park in Redlands, California over the weekend in which the male victim was confronted by the suspect.

The shooting happened at Sylvan Park, located in the 600 block of N. University Street, at around 4 p.m., according to Redlands Police Department.

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Investigators say that the incident happened when the victim tried to use the men's restroom, but turned around after seeing the restroom was super busy.

He instead went into the women's restroom to go to the bathroom, during which time two girls went in and quickly left the bathroom, telling another person he was inside.

As soon as he walked out, he was confronted by the shooter, now identified as 33-year-old Rudy Daniel Vasquez, who fired one shot at the victim's knee before pistol-whipping him in the head.


"That's ridiculous," said one mother who was at the park shortly after the incident happened on Saturday. "I think that's a little overreacting, you know? Unless you actually seen him do something, then maybe, but still never resort to violence."

Friends of the victim say the attack was otherwise unprovoked, and that he usually hangs out at the park with them and is a well-liked person.

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Boris Katsman

Police say that Vasquez threw the gun out of his car window when he was being pulled over. He's been arrested and is facing an attempted murder charge for the incident.

The victim, who remains unidentified is reportedly in stable condition.

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