Outraged vegans are calling for Walmart to pull these "slaughter trucks" from their shelves. They claim that "Normalizing the enslavement and murder of animals to kids is not OK.

Apparently they've never seen a livestock hauler.

A petition to pull the toy has 8,000 signatures:

Here's what backers of the petition had to say:
"As a trucker, seeing these in real life is no treat. The reality is violence. Do not support desensitization of children."
"A slaughter truck shouldn't be endorsed as a toy. It isn't fun, it isn't neat, it isn't something I would want my kids to enjoy playing with."


Walmart has yet to respond to the outraged masses. We have something we always like to do whenever PETA or militaristic vegans get pissy and try to tell you what you can and can't eat.

Whenever you read or hear a story about meat being murder, go out and buy a burger or any meat. If you already planned on eating meat, double it. When you do, post whatever it is you're eating to social media.

Listener Greg had a great idea. Buy the truck from Walmart and donate it to Toys For Tots.