30-year-old Tarus Scott and 27-year-old Genard Dupree went into a Walmart in Lake Wales, Florida last week with a master plan of how they'd rob the place. But, when you do something this elaborate, you've got to commit to the bit.

They filled up a cart with about $370 in toys, including a motorized Barbie Power Wheel, a Barbie Glam vacation house, and a Leap Frog tablet. Then, as Tarus wheeled the cart toward the exit, Genard created a diversion by dropping to the ground with a fake heart attack.

Tarus did get out of the store with the cart, but Genard bailed on his part of the con too quickly. After just 44 seconds of writhing around on the ground, clutching his chest, he got up and walked out like nothing was wrong.

He hopped into Tarus's car and they took off. The security guards were suspicious and got the license plate, plus they reviewed the security footage and gave it to the cops.

Tarus and Genard were both arrested for felony grand theft. They both have prior convictions: Tarus just did 10 years for armed robbery and Genard was on probation for felony theft.

(Polk County Sheriff's Office)