It all started with a phone call from a soldier in Afghanistan, simply looking for a pair of sneakers.

Deborah Hausladen had received a call from her son in April of 2018, who was serving in Afghanistan at the time, and he said he needed a new pair of sneakers because his were starting to wear out.

Hausladen said she would gladly send him a new pair of shoes, but also asked about the other men in his platoon and he said they were in the same situation. Within a week Sneakers for Soldiers was formed.

Sneakers for Soldiers, a nonprofit organization partners with a local shoe business, marketing firm, and church. Since that time she's shipped more than 200 pairs of sneakers to soldiers in need. She now has a waiting list for shoes.

The cool thing is that each pair of shoes is chosen specifically for the soldier in need. The terrain is tough and they all have different feet and different needs.

Feel free to stop over to their Facebook page, give them a like and maybe make a donation while you're there.

Read more at ABC News.

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