When I first saw this headline, my thought was "Shouldn't you be wearing at least a ski mask, since you're doing crime?" 

Four men over in Australia broke into a restaurant in upmarket Darwin so they could steal alcohol during a COVID-19 lockdown are also being fined because they weren't wearing face masks.

Northern Territory Police were alerted at 1:20am Tuesday that Pee Wee's at the Point was broken into. Four men reportedly fled the scene on foot after stealing alcoholic drinks.

Officers caught up with the group a short time later. While detectives were looking at CCTV footage and found that the men had broken Northern Territory's Emergency Declaration, which requires masks to be worn in public.

'I've confirmed those individuals were not wearing masks and they will be receiving the $5000 fines as part of the charges,' Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker told reporters.

That's right, $20,000 in fines between the group, for not wearing so much as a ski mask during their crime.

The four men, aged 31, 33, 44, and 58 have been charged with contravening an emergency declaration, unlawful entry and stealing.

The 31-year-old was also charged with property damage, and is scheduled to appear in court on September 25th.

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