There's a teacher in North Plainfield, New Jersey named Agnes Zhelesnik who turned 102 on Tuesday. That makes her the oldest teacher in America.

She works at a private elementary school called The Sundance School, for 35 hours a week, teaching kids from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade how to cook and sew. She's been there for 21 years.

Yeah, she only started teaching when she was 81. Before that she was a homemaker. Her daughter is 72, also named Agnes, and also teaches at the school.

The older Agnes almost never misses a day of work, and doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon. "I am going to stay as long as I can, make them happy as good as I can. Who could get it better?" Hey, no one said she was an English teacher.

She thinks home-ec still has a place in today's schools. Naturally, her students and co-workers call her "Granny."

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