It's important to use a bunch of buzzwords at work, it really makes you look like you know what you're doing. So you keep on using 'em, even though your coworkers hate 'em and you hate 'em.


A new survey asked people for their least favorite office buzzwords, and here are the best ones that made the list:

  1. "Let's touch base."
  2. "Game changer."
  3. "No brainer."
  4. "Mission statement."
  5. "Pick it up and run with it."
  6. "Let's get our ducks in a row."

There are also a few on the list I'd never really heard before. Like "blue sky thinking," which means creative but unrealistic ideas or "thought shower," which is a new way of saying brainstorm. Then there's "punch a puppy," which is doing something bad for the greater good.

Read more at The Telegraph.

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