It's not often something happens that is sure to spawn multiple documentaries, a Dateline episode, and hopefully a drama mini-series, but when it does, the internet is on it.

The Stinnett, Texas Chief of Police, Jason Collier is under the microscope of the internet, the government, and multiple scorned women after being caught in a web of lies leading to multiple affairs, and forged official documents.

Collier is 41-years-old, an ordained minister, married with four children, and is no longer employed by the police department.

Stinnett's city government placed him on administrative leave to hold an investigation after a Facebook post from a woman who made claims about Jason living a "double/triple life."

It's not long after this that it gets super confusing, because multiple women came forward, saying they were also engaged to him, and all of it is coming to the surface on Facebook.


I've about driven myself crazy trying to keep up with this stuff.

Cecily had posted to Facebook, then began responding to comments, where she revealed that he sent her a fake annulment.

Things spiraled from there, with ot


Not long after this came out, his other mistress Kristi chimed in, and they compared lies they were told by Jason. It turned out, he had both of them convinced he was divorced and that he was marrying each of them.


I'll spare you the extra reading, but after a few hours, there were thirteen other women who spoke up about relationships with Jason.

Yesterday, he was arrested and charged with charged with tampering with a government document with the intent to defraud, over the paperwork he sent Cecily.

I've tried to consolidate the rest of the story here, but if you have a free couple of hours, check out the thread on the original post from Cecily.

Jason Collier's Alleged Mistresses and Their Relationship Status

  • Cecily - Engaged: The first woman to bring to light that Jason is in multiple relationships with multiple women. He sent her fake annulment paperwork, which is what led to his arrest.
  • Kristi - Engaged: Second woman to come forward. Explained that she met Jason in December and was also engaged to Jason.
  • Opal - Married: Jason's current wife, has not come forward with any information and wants privacy.
  • "M" - Ex-Wife: Jason's first wife, but she also hasn't come forward and wants privacy.
  • Katie - Dating: Was allegedly currently involved with Jason, when she discovered the post about him. Jason messaged her to explain that he "wasn't in a good place" and broke up with her once the post had gone public.
  • Angie - Engaged in 2007: In a response to Cecily, Angie said that he did the same thing to her back in 2007.
  • Heather - Dated: Shared photos of her and Jason, who met in a dating app and were in a relationship in November/December of 2020,
  • Anonymous Woman: Former acquaintance of Jason's, claimed between 2005-2006, he was caught cheating on his wife with an 18-year-old.
  • Sarah - Engaged(?): Tagged in comments by multiple people as another possible fiancé, but she has yet to come forward.
  • Brenna - Dating: Posted screenshots of photos and text messages between her and Jason.
  • Unknown Woman - Dated: The daughter of a woman claimed the two had a relationship, but the woman herself has yet to speak out.
  • Amy - Dated: Recently met on a dating app, went on one date. Shared screenshots of their messages.
  • Underage Girl - Dated: Came forward, alleging Jason and her were dating. She is a minor, and is requesting privacy.

If you're like me, your mind is blown, because you're probably thinking "I can't handle woman, let alone THIRTEEN!"

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