I remember when I was a kid visiting Estes Park, I tried to leave the one of the nearby national parks with a big stick I had been using as a walking stick, but the park ranger got mad at me and told me to put it back in the forest because "Nothing may be taken from the park." So, I turned around and laid it down at the tree line and walked out of the park, no stick, just the pocket full of the rocks I'd collected instead.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife received a package in the mail, containing a rock and a note, which had an interesting message.

“Someone brought this home to me three years ago, bad things been happening ever since.

Sure one of you can find which park it belongs in."

CPW SE Region via Twitter
CPW SE Region via Twitter

It would sure explain a lot of those rocks are cursed. Things seemed to get a lot better once I gave them to my brother.

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