There's a big game coming this weekend, but are you a part of the group of people who take the next day off for recovery?

Even if you're not over-drinking, you probably spent the whole day cooking a dish to bring, or cleaning and cooking an entire spread for your friends. It's wrong to expect people to show up for work the next day.

The Work Force Institute conducted a study of 100 million Americans, and they found that 1 in 5 had a planned PTO day set for Super Monday, or they just planned on calling in sick in the morning.

Those of us who can't take the day off typically will just fight through the hangover to make it to the lunch break, and that's just not fair.

Over 40% of respondents said they want the day off, and feel they deserve it.

As a study from a few years ago showed that Super Monday is one of the most unproductive days in the workplace. It makes sense because everyone's tired, carb loaded, and hungover.

Should we just accept the inevitable and jump on the opportunity? There's already a Petition.

Two-thirds of respondents said they wish they'd just move the game to the day before Presidents' Day when we have the day off anyway.

Either way, it's above my paygrade, so I'll just continue to come to work in a wing-hangover haze.

Read more at Work Force Institute

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