This one is funny sounding, but let's remember this was a dangerous situation and not make a bunch of yolks about it.

A crash in Dallas left a highway full of raw eggs after the driver of an 18-wheeler hit a bridge yesterday morning.

The truck was hauling nearly 30,000 pounds of eggs down Interstate 30 near downtown Dallas, when the driver struck the overpass.

As the truck hit the bridge, the trailer's roof was ripped open and the eggs were knocked around, sending hundreds of eggs flying onto the road.

Luckily the driver was uninjured in the crash, but the eggs, on the other hand, were pretty much entirely cracked and spread across the roadway.

Mixed in with the egg spill was a fuel leak, so Hazardous Material experts had to come in and make sure things were properly cleaned up. We definitely wouldn't want an eggsplosion.

Workers with the Texas Department of Transportation's Dallas division went and assessed the bridge for damage, but it was given the green light.

Workers had to use a front-loader and flatbed trailer to clean up the dozens of boxes of eggs thrown all over the roadway.

Susanne Brunner, a reporter for WFAA, was live-tweeting and said that nearly $90,000 were on the truck.

The highway had to be shut down for several hours to clean the mess.

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As far as traffic went, it was backed up for nearly two miles, according to a TxDOT traffic map.

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