People talk about "the best bands of all time," but nobody has ever really taken the time to figure out who the most hated band is.

BestLife used math and science to figure out what bands the world hates the most. The website looked at multiple articles and lists detailing "The worst" bands and musicians, "most hated" bands, and "Most Overrated."

Then, the assigned a weighted metric value to each band name and ran the lists through an algorithm they built, which spit out the list.

This final list is interesting, because everyone has a band on here that they love. It just shows that no matter how many love you, many will still hate you.

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The Scientifically Proven Most Hated Bands of All Time

21 -Linkin Park
20 - Spin Doctors
19 - Nirvana
18 - Rush
17 - Pearl Jam
16 - Oasis
15 - Korn
14 - Metallica
13 - The Doors
12 - Green Day
11 - Coldplay
10 - Dave Matthews Band
9 - Kiss
8 - Radiohead
7 - Phish
6 - Bob Dylan
5 - Mumford and Sons
4 - U2
3 - Creed
2 - Limp Bizkit
1 - Nickelback

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