25-year-old Cesia Baires, who opened a restaurant in Minneapolis last year called Abi's Café. So far business has been kind of slow.

A homeless guy named Marcus walked in and asked her for change earlier this month and she said no. Instead she asked why he didn't have a job, he said he couldn't find one because he has a criminal record.

Marcus, seemed like a decent guy, so she offered to pay him if he'd work for a couple hours washing dishes. For the past three weeks, he's been showing up on time and working two-hour shifts whenever she needs help.

Cesia says the thing that really got to her was when she gave him a sandwich after his first shift, because he only ate half of it, then walked outside, and gave the other half to a woman who was also homeless.

There's no word yet from Cesia on how much extra business the story is bringing in, but it's basically like free advertising.

He came in to the cafe one day asking me for some $$. I looked at him and asked him "why don't you have a job, you know...

Posted by Cesi Abi on Friday, March 25, 2016