Kris Silbaugh is a high school senior in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania who was born without a left hand.

By the time he was five, he could already tie his shoes one-handed and he made the varsity football team at his high school as a freshman. Which is even more impressive when you find out he's a wide receiver.

Kris is 6-foot-3, and runs a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds, which is what elite NFL wide receivers run. He's gotten really good at catching the ball one-handed. So he's not just good for someone with one hand, he's dominant.

No one on the field can keep up with him, and last Friday, he caught a 43-yard touchdown pass to break his school's all-time receiving record. The old record was 910 yards, and he has another eight games this season to tack on more. He also broke the record for most touchdowns by a receiver last year.

Kris says he's just concentrating on the season right now, but he's started getting phone calls from colleges that want to recruit him.

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