David Rush holds over 150 Guinness World Records, all in the name of promoting STEM education, all of them attained in about 5 years.

The newest one is a bit odd, but a record nonetheless. He had a neighbor throw as many wet sponges at his face in one minute, setting a new world record of "Most West Sponge Hits to the Face".

Imagine that conversation after hearing your doorbell. "Howdy neighbor. Can you do me a favor and pelt me in the face with as many of these sponges as you can in 1 minute?"

David Rush and his neighbor, Jonathon Hannon, previously held the 30-second version of the record.

David said the hardest part of the challenge is figuring out when you can open your eyes to reposition your face without getting hit in the eye with a wet sponge.

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