Earlier this week a small plane crashed into a four-unit apartment building in Akron, Ohio on Tuesday. No one was in the building when it happened, but all seven passengers and both pilots were killed.

Jason Bartley, a resident in the apartment's was saved thanks in part to a spur-of-the-moment craving for Hot Pockets.


Bartley decided to stop at Dollar General for that night’s dinner and the next morning’s breakfast.

As he was driving back to his apartment, he saw the smoke and flames and knew they would be very near his residence. Because the roads were closed, he parked his car and ran in that direction. When he saw that his apartment was the one ablaze, he immediately thought: “Oh, my God. What did I do?”

Akron Beacon Journal

In the 40 minutes that Bartley was away from home the small plane had crashed into his apartment building. If he hadn't taken the side-trip to Dollar General to pick up those Hot Pockets, there's a big chance that Jason could have been included in the casualties.

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Paige McVeigh, a neighbor, was recording a Snapchat video when the crash happened. It's only eight seconds long, and you don't see the crash. But you can hear the jet engines, and then there's a big flash of light.