A man from Colorado has broken a Guinness World Record when he ran a mile in under 5 minutes.

Andrew Vos, a 34-year-old from Broomfield, started running for the record at Broomfield Heights Middle School track while his son, Bodhi, rode in the stroller in front of him.

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Vos said when he found out the record was 5 minutes even, he knew he could beat it.

"I contacted the Guinness World Records, and they alluded to it was 5 minutes. And I'm like, 'that's doable,'" Vos told KUSA-TV.

Vos set the record at 4 minutes, 57.1 seconds, just enough time to take the record.

"It feels good, it was a good accomplishment," Vos said after his run. "It'll be fun to look back and be in there with a kid of mine, our youngest kid."

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