A man in Italy was searching for his missing brother for 24 years found him when he woke up to the brother stabbing him in his own bed.

35-year-old Martin Rabanser woke up to his brother, 42-year-old Ivo, charging him with a large hunting knife. Reportedly, the two have a longstanding grievance that stems from an issue Ivo had about their father's inheritance.

Martin was seriously injured in the stabbing, and is in the hospital, according to The Times. 

Nicola Nettis, the lawyer for Martin, told reporters one theory is 'That Ivo was angry about the terms of their inheritance from their father, which included the house martin still lives in, and has been nurturing a grudge ever since... ...but most people handle this through lawyers - they don't vanish for two decades then show up with a hunting knife.'

Nettis told The Times that Ivo had shown up in town, and camped in the woods near the house waiting for an opportunity to strike.

He entered the home where Martin lives with his wife and child, carrying two knives.

After waking him up, Ivo stabbed Martin in the chest repeatedly but stopped short of killing him.

As for Martin's wife, she was able to flee and call the police, but not before Ivo used pepper spray on her.

After his 1997 disappearance, Ivo's family launched several TV ads and appeals to bring him home. According to the Times, police say he spent the last 24 years "sleeping rough in Verona, utilizing the public library to become a literary expert."

Accord to La Stampa, Ivo told police 'I felt a huge rage inside towards my brother but I didn't want to kill him. I stayed alone with him while he was in agony on the bed and I could've finished him but instead I went to the kitchen, which is where the police found me.'

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