This guy is either really lucky or really unlucky, depending on how you look at it. In just under four years, Dylan McWilliams has been bitten by a rattlesnake, a bear, and now a shark.

The 20-year-old Colorado man was in Hawaii last week and decided to do some surfing. He wiped out and almost instantly felt a searing pain in his leg, when Dylan looked down he saw a big tiger shark.

He was able to swim back to shore and only suffered deep cuts on one of his legs which needed seven stitches. “The scariest part was swimming back,” Dylan thought the shark might follow his blood trail.

Dylan McWilliams
Dylan McWilliams

Last summer, the outdoorsman was camping in Colorado when he was mauled and dragged around by a 300-pound black bear. That encounter left him with nine staples in his scalp.

Three and a half years prior, Dylan was in Utah when the rattlesnake bit him. He was hit with only a small amount of venom and was ill for a short time after.

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