Everyone hates loud chewers. But they're having the last laugh, because apparently they're hated and skinny.


A new study out of Brigham Young University found that people who chew loudly end up eating 30% fewer calories than people who chew like normal human beings with manners. The researchers say it's because when you hear yourself chewing, it's a, "consumption monitoring cue," which helps your brain monitor the right amount of food you need to be satisfied.

But what if you find yourself eating in a loud setting? Here's what you should do for each scenario:

Eating in a noisy sports bar can easily turn into a fried food binge, you should eat before you go out. If that's not an option, look closely at the menu ahead of time, most places will have some basic sandwiches that you can customize.

If you eat your lunch at your desk with your headphones on you're more likely to overeat. Use your lunch break to your advantage by leaving your desk. For those times that you can't free yourself from the office, bring a well-portioned meal.

Do you eat your breakfast while commuting to work, blasting your favorite morning show on the radio? Your mind isn't going to register how or what you're eating with all those distractions. It's better to wake up a few minutes earlier and give yourself enough time to enjoy your breakfast slowly. Again, if that isn't an option, plan ahead and pack a portioned-meal.

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