Karma means an action will inevitably be repaid. If you’ve ever been frustrated by trying to deal with someone who just wouldn’t listen to reason or respect your needs, you know that being on the receiving end of a little instant karma can be a great way to level things out. If someone makes fun of your outfit or calls you names or is just generally rude, it feels good when that person gets a taste of their own medicine later in life.

Here's a lovely taste of Instant Karma for you:

"My husband (Sabastian) and I were leaving the house and it has been raining all morning. I didn’t realize it was ice. So, I fell, and then when he came out he laughed could not wait to put it on social media, and then fell down the steps himself. He kept saying "You didn’t tell me it was ice," and "Where did my sandwiches go?" I just laughed. And we got up and went about our day, we were both bruised for weeks."

For whatever reason, watching people fall is funny.  Which, I guessing, will weigh into my karmic punishment.  Especially how much I've laughed watching people fall down on Americas Funniest Videos over the years.  Then there's the YouTube videos of people eating it.  And of course, my TikTok feed is full to the brim of people scaring people and people falling or crashing into things.

Check out this video if you want to add to your karmic load.

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