I don't think anyone saw 2020 getting as rough a start as it did. Sci-Fi movies have often made "predictions" of what the future will be like, but they are not correct as often as one would hope. Here's what they say 2020 was supposed to be like, and honestly, we're doing pretty well.

  1. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)- We're in a big war with the aliens that've invaded Earth and taken over big areas. It could be worse than what we've got already.
  2. Mission to Mars (2000)- Earth is sending manned aircraft to Mars, something we haven't accomplished yet.
  3. Pacific Rim (2013)- Giant monsters from another dimension have invaded Earth from a portal somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Humans defend themselves by fighting them off in giant robots. It just makes me feel like I'm missing out somewhere.
  4. Reign of Fire (2002)- Dragons get accidentally released in a construction site, who then go on to set the world on fire and make humans an endangered species.
  5. A Quiet Place (2018)- Monsters have taken over the world that hunt by sound, and even the tiniest of sounds give away your hiding spot, so humans learn sign language and go into hiding.

See? We're not doing half-bad, considering we could either be on fire, fighting monsters, or hiding from aliens.

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