Join us in helping to raise money to help this family give Kyle, our superhero, everything that he can ever want and need in his final journey in life!

Kyle's Krew

Head out to Walcott Coliseum (116 E Bryant St, Walcott, Iowa 52773) on Saturday, May 27th from 2pm–10pm. There will be raffles, music, bounce house, food, 50/50, silent auction, face painting, $20 wine bags (wine pull) and much more!

    For more info or to assist/donate contact:

  • Jana Foran 563-949-9634;
  • Tiffany Sheahan 563-343-9756;
  • Donations may be dropped off to Salon Static 205 East 2nd Street Davenport Iowa (to Jen or Amanda)

On January 16, 2015 Kyle Ralph Koberg was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). He went to the ICU for 5 days and then a couple days later got to come home. At this point, dialysis was started. After several months, Kyle was back to where he needed to be and was taken off of dialysis treatment.

Kyle is unable to complete a kidney transplant as he isn't a fit candidate due to not being able to sit through long periods of time and tests, as well as he would have a hard time keeping his auto immune levels balanced.

Kyle has been on medications for the past year and a half with monthly lab visits and many doctor appointments. He is now back to dialysis stage where he would have to complete appointments 3 times a week.

As a family and quality of life decision, the family has decided to continue on with medications only and to give kyle, their superhero, a life worth living. At this moment, the amount of time Kyle has left is unknown. The good news is that the doctors have said they have never seen a patient like Kyle. Kyle has lived the longest out of their patients only being on medications. He is a happy boy with lots of life. The benefit will help he and his family with giving him the best with the time he may have left.

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