It's every little girl's fear that no one will show up to their birthday party. Last year just that very thing happened to 18-year-old, Hallee Sorenson.

All Hallee Sorenson wanted to do was to celebrate her 18th birthday with friends and family. The birthday party plans were simple. Hallee and guests were going to go bowling, and eat cake and ice cream. Decorations were up, cake was purchased all that was left was to wait for the guests to arrive. Hallee waited, and waited, and sadly, no one showed.

Hallee is autistic and has the 'mind of a child,' thus, this was extremely hurtful to her.

This was nearly a year ago. Now, with Hallee's nineteenth birthday fast approaching, her cousin Rebecca decided to make this birthday one to remember--in a good way. Rebecca enlisted Facebook and the local newspaper in Bangor, Maine to get people to send Rebecca birthday cards in hopes of her getting a large amount of cards to celebrate her birthday.

I challenge you to do so as well. Let's make this a special birthday for Hallee.

All cards can be sent to:
Hallee Sorenson
34 Wellesley Way
Bangor, ME 04401


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