If you're still clinging to the dream of selling your old baseball cards or comic books to retire someday, this is pretty much your worst nightmare.

Richard Bates recently agreed to let his 24-year-old friend Ben Milam stay on his couch in Vancouver, Washington. Richard had a pretty sizable collection of "Star Wars" toys sitting in a closet that actually was pretty valuable. He'd spent 20 years collecting them, and the entire collection was worth about 30 grand.

While he was out of town last month, Ben used a card from his wallet to jimmy the door open, took the toys to a local hobby shop, and sold the entire collection for just $2,250. Richard reported it missing as soon as he got home. Luckily, police were able to track it down, because Ben literally chose the closest hobby shop he could find, it's on the same street as the house.

They knew he was the one who stole it, because he'd let the owner of the store make a copy of his driver's license. He's facing charges for burglary, theft, and trafficking stolen goods. It's not clear if Richard's gotten all his stuff back or not.

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