What fun is having kids if you can't prank the hell out of them? Here are some cool and fairly easy pranks to pull on your offspring.

With just some chicken wire, you can create a ghost to put in the backyard. Follow the tutorial here.

Wrap grapes in Easter egg foils and put them in your kid's lunch:

Make a plate of sponge brownies by covering half of a kitchen sponge with frosting and sprinkles.

Make candied apples with onions:

Stick a photo like this in their pencil drawer:

Create doughnuts with mayo-filling:

Rip up a toilet paper roll, wet it, and then mash it together:

Hide bubble wrap under a rug and wait for your kid to step on it.

Cover your child's belongings with plastic wrap:

Using meat and mashed potatoes, mix up a dinner that looks like a sundae. Find out how here.

Create a head-in-a-jar and stick it in your fridge, Instructables has the tutorial.

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