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They offer free online classes for adults interested in expanding their knowledge base.  You know,expand your horizons for your job or in life. Psychology, Marketing, Climate Change.  All very worthwhile subjects we could all benefit from. 

This reminds me of summer when I was a kid. Getting out of school in the spring and my parents encouraging me to not get lazy during the summer. So they would buy me workbooks for reading & math and would basically set up homework for me to do during the summer.

I was always excited about the thought of getting out of school, staying at home and studying and becoming even smarter then the smart kids. Finally I would have a leg up in the classroom. I'd study these things, do the workbooks and I'd be on my way to scholastic domination!

Then Summer would actually come and there was no damn way I was touching those books.  Just like now... even though free online courses sound like a great idea, I've got a sandbox in the back yard...and it ain't going to bulldoze itself.