Well, that escalated quickly. The annual Dwyer & Michaels Halloween Costume Ball and Costume contest at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds Saturday was easily the biggest ever in every category.  I was at the front door checking in our last ticket-holders at 10:30, and they were persons 450, and 451!  That would put the total at somewhere near 500 people through the doors for our biggest party yet!

And since there's more than $2,500.00 awarded to the winners, the costumes again did not disappoint. We added a second band this year, so the crowd was on the dance floor all night, starting with Soul Storm, and ending 5 hours later with T.O.M.B.  Both bands were also in costume performing, which just added to the spirit of the night.

Michaels tore it up on drums, here's a video of him performing "Let It Go":

And our 2 bars were hopping! Bent River Brewing Company made for us our own Halloween-themed beer, a perfect ale with the right amount of "Bite" called 'Scared-Schlitz-less' along with a souvenir 2017 Costume Ball pint glass.  And the food buffet from Happy Joe's catering kept the hunger away with scary good food!  I could 'pun' all day, instead just take a look at the Frankenstein-sized photo gallery below!

Thanks to Halloween Express for all their help with the decorations, costumes and advice. Both Quad Cities locations are open this week for your last minute Trick-or-treat party supplies!

Those costumes, though...

Roberta from Local Scene Magazine stopped out and snapped a bunch of photos for us too:

And I know you're wondering, here are the costumes that won money in our contest:

9th place - The Exorcist:

8th place - The Price is Right:

7th place - Pot Brownies:

6th place - Hermey the Misfit Elf and Yukon Cornelius:

5th place - The Peanuts Gang:

4th place - Scooby Doo Gang:

3rd place - George Jung:

2nd place - Blackout Barbie:

1st place group - Saturday Night Live:

1st place individual - Gargoyle: