A mother in Leesburg, Florida is defending herself against criticism and death threats after a video of her dunking her 3-year-old son's head in a toilet went viral.

Kaitlyn Wolf says that her son used profanity and she was initially going to wash out his mouth with soap and water. Then she decided to discipline him in a different way.

Holding him upside down, Wolf repeated dunked the toddler's head into a toilet. "It was a joke between the three of us. My sons and I horseplay rough," she told WFTV. "We stuck his head in the toilet and flushed it. And my older son was recording it."

She claims that the boy's head was above the water and he was never in danger. "His head was never under the water, his face never got wet. It was maybe the top or this part of his hair."

The recording was sent to the boy's babysitter as a joke. The babysitter sent it to Wolf's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend and it was posted to social media shortly after.

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