Shaun Michaelsen, 41, is in the running for a "Father-of-the-Year" Award after getting busted letting his daughter take the keys.

Around 12:10am Monday, Jupiter Officer Craig Yochum said he saw a Jeep make an illegal U-turn and speed away. He followed the Jeep which reached speeds of 85mph in a 45mph zone, before he was able to pull the vehicle over.

When he approached the window, a 12-year-old girl was behind the wheel, with her father, Michaelsen, intoxicated in the passenger seat. Officer Yochum asked not why she was driving, but why she was driving at such a high speed. She told him her dad told her to.

Apparently, the daughter had asked to try driving the Jeep earlier in the day, and after a few drinks, Shaun told police he "thought it would be cool," because he was trying to be a "cool father."

Michaelsen is being held without bail on felony charges of Child Neglect, Allowing an Unauthorized Person Drive, Causing a Minor to Become a Delinquent, and is also facing charges or buying her multiple vape pens.

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