Tiangong-1 is a Chinese space station that will be making an uncontrolled reentry into Earth's atmosphere in the coming days. Updated models put Iowa and northern Illinois in its path.

The space station is the first built and launched by China and is roughly the size of a school bus. About two years ago, China stopped receiving data from Tiangong-1 and subsequently it lost track of its navigation.

Sometime between midday March 31st and early afternoon April 1st is when the station is predicted to reenter. New models have expanded the crash zone to be a wider band between 43 degrees North and 43 degrees South latitudes.

That means Iowa and parts of Illinois are now directly inside of that zone.

Odds that anybody will be hit by debris is highly unlikely however. But, experts are warning not to approach or touch any unknown substances on the ground. If you find a piece of the station, call authorities and they'll transfer the parts to China.

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